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Our Project Management

We are a full-service investment management and financial planning firm committed to helping people pursue and realise their financial goals and dreams.Our Asset Management group consists of professional expertise, specialised in selecting the promising opportunities that maximize the client’s equity.

The company took steady steps to embark the investment and advisory services rendered to clients, to improve performance and provide optimal safety levels, with controlled risk, within the approved limits and conservative policy of the company.


What is our mission?

Our investment interests are currently housed in South Africa but the company has aspirations to secure some business interests in the Africa and other destinations.

Our initial investments are purely financial in nature followed by the acquisition of specialised skills and experience and lastly operational involvement and control with a view of expanding its interests in the long term.


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Our key area of focus is to add value with active portfolio management to help our clients reach their long-term financial goals.

We achieve this through our investment strategies, adhering to our values and investment principles, and offering employees a challenging and rewarding place to build a career.Our partnership ethos is aligned to its company values and it partners with companies that have a proven track record, transformed and are geared for profitable earnings.


Our Commodities

  • Coal
  • Chrome
  • Irone ore
  • Manganese
  • Gold
  • Diamonds,
  • Platinum.

Our Transport

  • Railways
  • Petroleum truck
  • 34 Tipper trucks
  • Cargo container
  • Bakkies
  • Airfreigh
  • Bicycle
  • Scooters